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Penslips Magazine is Pakistan’s first multilingual magazine that strives to bring the best of Pakistani literature, both modern and classic, to its worthy readers. We hope to make Penslips Ezine one of the major sources of all the literary work in Urdu and various regional languages of Pakistan.

The literature of Pakistan is rich both in Urdu as well as the various regional languages. Moreover, English is no longer a foreign language and hence, it has an undeniable influence on the literary journey of our youth. Responding to this complex language system of Pakistan, Penslips magazine has special quest for translated literature in efforts to bridge the gaps created by language diversity.  We publish world literature and regional literature that has been translated into English or Urdu; the two major languages understood across the length and breadth of Pakistan.

In the coming years, we hope to publish prose and poetry of seniors as well as the emerging writers and poets of Pakistan.  With all our efforts, we hope to see Penslips Magazine as a platform that presents best of the Pakistani literature to the world.  We also hope to gather and preserve literary gems translated into Urdu or English to give our youth a maximum exposure to regional as well as world literature.



Rashid Javed Ahmed


Content Manager

Sonia Ahmed

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