Submission Guidelines

We seek original writing in Urdu, Punjabi and English or translated work that is strong and well-crafted. We encourage submission from writers from around the world and are looking for stories that inspire and provoke human thinking. New voices are welcome and we are willing to cooperate with them in terms of editing their work.  This is to help young writers and poets to polish their skill as well as to meet our specific standards.

Note: All translators are responsible for getting the permissions from the original author.  PenSlips will not be responsible for violation of author rights.

The site is updated weekly and we’ll get back to you regarding your submissions as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, stay tuned and enjoy!  Hope to read your submissions soon.

Before you send us your submission, please read the following guidelines.

We cannot accept offensive, excessively violent or sexually explicit writing.

Cut and Paste your submissions in the body of an email and send it to Subject line should contain the word ‘submission‘ only.

Please provide your full name and add us on Facebook and/or Twitter to get tagged if published.

  • On acceptance we may ask you to work with us on minor editorial changes.
  • Please wait one month before inquiring after your submissions.
  • Due to the bulk of submissions we get, we may not be able to inform you whether your submission is accepted on not. So, please subscribe to our megazine to get notifications about published content.
  • We will do our best to give you a detailed critique and reasons for rejection upon your request. This is to help you grow and polish your skill as a writer or poet.

Copyright remains with the author.  If you see any copyright infringement on our page, please inform us at and we will see to it on urgent basis.

Happy writing everyone!

For any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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January 2022