My Soul is in a Hurry…Mario de Andrade

“My Soul is in a Hurry”

Mario de Andrade( Brazil)

I have counted my years

& felt that I have

Less time to live before me,

Than behind me.

I feel like a child that has won a box of sweets:

it does eat the first ones with pleasure

But upon realizing that only a few are left, it starts to really savour them.

I don’t have time for endless conferences

discussing statutes, rules, procedures & policies

well-knowing that it is going to accomplish nothing.

I don’t have the time to endure absurd people

who have failed to mature despite their age.

I don’t have the time anymore to

battle mediocrities,

I don’t want to be in meetings where

inflated egos parade.

I can’t stand manipulators and opportunists

I am annoyed by jealous people trying to discredit those of true mastership

in order to takeover their positions, talents and successes,

We humans hardly discuss real substance anymore

But instead, concern ourselves with labels or punchlines

My time is too short to discuss headlines,

I want the essential, the essence,

because my soul is in a hurry.

Without a lot of sweets left in the box.

I want to live among people who behave humanely,

People that are able to laugh at their mistakes,

And who aren’t smug about their successes

Who don’t prematurely believe to have found their calling

and who don’t avoid responsibility

those defending human dignity

and wanting to stick to truth and honesty, come what may.

It is the essential that makes life worth-living

I want to surround myself with people

who know how to touch the hearts of others.

People who have been taught by the heavy blows of life

how it is possible to prosper

by tenderly touching the soul.

Yes, I’m in a hurry.

I’m in a hurry to live with the intensity which only maturity can grant us.

I am trying not to waste any of the sweets left to me.

I am certain they will be more delicious than those I have eaten before

It is my goal to reach the end contentedly at peace with myself

and at peace with people I love and at peace with my conscience.

“We have got two lives and the second one begins once you realize you’ve only got one.”

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