Let Woman fulfill her dreams … Rabi Waheed

February 17, 2018

Let the woman fulfill her Dreams   (Rabi Waheed) I’ll become a doctor. I’ll help and cure the poor patients. Majority of our innocent daughters in our society repeat these words many times a day. My little daughter, while playing with her younger brother, becomes a teacher, sometimes a doctor and even a mother busy […]

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Muslim By Birth … Sonia Ahmed

November 11, 2017

Muslim By Birth Sonia Ahmed With the call of Azaan, I was assigned the religion of Islam.  It was not a conscious decision of course, as the status was awarded only because I was born to Muslim parents. I am not alone to share this common narrative, for almost all the kids in the world […]

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Biography….Zahid Dar

June 3, 2017

  All he wants in life is to read Farah Zia Pak Tea House, an iconic literary cafe of Lahore, Pakistan, was breathing its last in the early 1990s. For many it was already dead, though no formal death certificate was issued as yet. Fresh in the world of journalism, straight out of the legendary Government […]

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