The Kite … Hisham Hashir

September 8, 2018

The Kite (Hisham Hashir) The sun was a beautiful shade of orange. The slow waves were crashing down the shore. A few people could be seen dipping their feet in the slow and steady waves. The beach had a very silent and quiet atmosphere. It was the perfect place for enjoy the natural beauty, with […]

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Boutique Cinderella …. Milica Micic Dimovska

April 14, 2018

Milica Mićić Dimovska was born in Novi Sad in 1947. She received a degree in Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade and worked for many years at Matica srpska and as an editor of Letopis Matice srpske. She has published 9 collections of short stories and novels. Her works have won numerous literary […]

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HATE …. Parwin Faiz Zadah

November 4, 2017

Parwin Faiz Zadah Malal is a poet and prose writer from Kandahar. In 1988 she left Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan; first to Peshawar and later to Karachi where she lives today.   HATE (Parwin Faiz Zadah)   —That makes exactly four kilos. When she heard these words a smile spread across her lips and […]

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The Green Zone Rabbit …. Hassan Blasim (Iraqi Literature)

October 21, 2017

Hassan Blasim is a poet, filmmaker, and short-story writer. Born in Baghdad in 1973, he spent most of his childhood in Kirkuk. In 1999, he left Iraq and traveled as an illegal immigrant through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Hungary, before eventually settling in Finland in 2004. Since then he has made numerous short films and […]

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Girl with a Hat

Maria’s New Hat ….Unknown Author

June 24, 2017

MARIA’S NEW HAT (UNKNOWN) Maria lived with her mother in a small apartment in   She wasn’t too young or too old.. Not too short or too tall.. Not particularly beautiful nor ugly.. She was just an average woman.   She worked as a secretary at a large company and her life was pretty much […]

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The Robot …. Danilo Kis’

May 20, 2017

The Robot Danilo Kis’ (Serbian short story) No one was surprised by his arrival. There was nothing miraculous about seeing a robot walk in through the door, choose a table, push away chairs, and study the menu. He did all of it as adroitly and matter-of-factly as any other guest would. With his finger he indicated […]

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