In case I miss you… Fatima Mehru

In case I miss you. .

( Fatima Mehru )

In case I miss you

I would go to the places we planned together,
Drink our favourite coffee in the same restaurant 
On the same corner table with the same glass window,
I would request the grass to lush the same way it did when we were green,
To rain, I would plea to shower the way you did on me,
I would tell the winding ways: no more be a maze to me
If they find me walking alone on them,
I would gift my jacket to the winter after you; 
It might be freezing without you !
I wouldn’t welcome new bouquets as
They can sadden the brown petals in my books,
I would change my address so that
The postman may not cross my gate gloomily,
At nights, I would beseech the beach tides to pillow the moonlit;
The moon may feel ill-lit otherwise !
I will buy more cushions to cover sofas where you sat once looking at me,
Will re-listen all songs lest I should miss any line you dedicated to me devotedly;
Try seriously all those skills you wanted me to be expert in,
But.. for a while.. one thing crosses my mind:
How would I be replacing your non-presence?!

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June 2024