Sonia Ahmed

An American Brat by Bapsi Sidhwa : Review

June 15, 2018

Sonia Ahmed is a short story writer and a critic. She is also engaged in content writing. She writes in English language and is editor of Penslips Magazine. Book: An American Brat Author: Bapsi Sidhwa Review by : Sonia Ahmed ‘An American Brat’ by ‘Bapsi Sidhwa’ is an insightful account of the experience of a […]

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Muslim By Birth … Sonia Ahmed

November 11, 2017

Muslim By Birth Sonia Ahmed With the call of Azaan, I was assigned the religion of Islam.  It was not a conscious decision of course, as the status was awarded only because I was born to Muslim parents. I am not alone to share this common narrative, for almost all the kids in the world […]

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