My Reflection in you … Kayla Encina

My reflection in you.

Kayla Encina

My reflection in you.

It’s settled deep in my stomach,

But there’s a certainty for me and you.

It’s presence is calm.

A true reflection of how I feel

when I’m with you.

You know,

I don’t think it’s a coincidence

that you’re an Aquarius,

and I’m a Leo.

Apparent sister signs.

One a true reflection

And completion of the other.

And if you don’t believe in astrology.

Then maybe it is coincidence

That you have the ability to settle me.

Consider my anxiety a raging fire.

And your presence a soft storm.

With just enough rain

To contain my flames.

When your energy meets mine.

I can feel your tidal wave.

And maybe your raging ocean

Matches my burning flames.

And with that I hope that I can evaporate your pain.

The same way you wash away my shame.

I’ve always felt like I was too much.

Like I felt too much.

And thought too much.

But yet somehow,

you make me feel contained.

And tamed.

Water and fire are both such strong forces on their own.

It’s no wonder we need each other

To calm our storms.

So do you feel it too?

I really hope that you do.

I have a strong sense of your energy,

Just please tell me that its true.

I’ve spent so long ignoring my truth

I’m afraid to acknowledge how I feel

But fuck the fears

Man, I feel you.

Like you are embedded in my soul.

Entrenched in my DNA.

Your fibers are wrapped up into mine in a way that calls me back to you

Every single time.

It’s like we never spent time apart.

And here I was denying that you ever had my heart.

You are my soul’s reflection.

And yes

I know our relationship is relatively new

So it may not make sense now,

But I hope we will grow for that statement to stand true.

Just please tell me you feel it too.

God, I am so scared to say all of this to you.

So tell me that you are too.

Tell me I’m not wrong for believing that you are me, and I am you.

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March 2024